The Yangtze Three Gorges Project (TGP) is the largest hydropower-complex project ever built in the world. On April 3 rd 1992 , “the Resolution to Construct the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze” was approved at the 5 th plenary session of the 7 th National People's Congress. In 1993, the preparation for the construction commenced, and on December 14 th 1994 , the project construction formally started. On November 8 th 1997 , the River Closure was completed, marking the successful fulfillment of the Phase I construction task. In 1998, the Phase II construction of the TGP started in full swing. After 6 years of arduous work, on June 1 st 2003 , the reservoir of the TGP started to store water, and on June 16 th , the double-lane five-step shiplock of the TGP was put into service, and on July 10 th 2003 , the first unit with 700 MW capacity was connected to the grid and began to generate electricity. So far the goals of the phase II construction have been fully achieved. The TGP, which was drawn the world's attention, began to return favor to the society with its comprehensive benefits.

With the genial care and strong support form the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the people of the whole nation, all the TGP constructors bearing the lofty ideal of “Committed to Build TGP for China ” honored the mission with 10 years continuous joint efforts and now the dream of the whole China has come true.

At the time of realization of the three major goals for Phase II construction, the compiling of this album aimed at introducing the layout of the TGP construction, recording the history of the TGP construction in the past ten years, and showing the main achievement of Phase I & II construction.

As a significant infrastructure for the nation to build a well-off society in an all-round way, the TGP is grand and vigorous, complicated in technology and profound in meaning which can not be fully demonstrated only by about a hundred pictures or so. At present, the TGP is still under construction and all the TGP constructors are striving for the successful realization of the goals set in Phase III construction.

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