Preface of Three Gorges Project Exhibition Center

The Three Gorges Project (TGP) is the largest water conservancy project ever built in the world. It was on April 3rd 1992 that "The Resolution to Construct the Three Gorges Project" was approved at the 7th National People's Congress; in 1993 that the construction preparation work started; on December 14th 1994 that the construction of the project set off; on November 8th 1997, the day of the River Closure, that the 1st phase construction mission had been achieved; in 1998 that the 2nd phase construction was ushered   in; on   June   1st   2003, 6 strenuous years later,that the reservoir of the Project began to store water;

on June 16th 2003 that the twin-5-stage shiplock of the Project was put into service; on July 10th 2003 that the first set of units with 700 MW capacity was connected to the grid and started its power generation and that the 2nd phase construction mission has been fulfilled. Thus, the Three Gorges Project which has drawn world attention began to return the society by its benefits.

With the solicitude and strong support from the Central Government and the whole nation and with great ambition of "Being Determined to Build Three Gorges Project for the Chinese Nation" inside, all the TGP constructors worked together and strived for the dream, and the beautiful dream now has come into reality after ten-year's continuous joint efforts.

In this Exhibition Hall, you will see the brief history of TGP along with its construction introduction in this ten years, comprehensive benefits, workers in the construction as well as the innovation output of TGP project system, management and science and technology in terms of photographs, charts, models, samples, flash, writings, pictures and videos.

As an important infrastructure for the nation to build a well-off society in an all-round way, it is hard to express the grand and vigorous site, complicated technology and profound meaning with such only hundreds of exhibited items. Currently, TGP is still under construction and all the TGP workers are keeping going ahead for the fulfillment of the 3rd phase construction of the Project.

There are still another 6 years for TGP waiting to be explored. We believe that, in the coming years, here we could show more and you will find more.

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