China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) was, under the authorization of the State Council, founded in Yichang, Hubei province on 27 Sept 1993.

As the legal entity for TGP, CTG takes full responsibility for the financing, construction and operation of Three Gorges project. Gezhouba Hydropower Plant, with a capacity of 2715 MW, was incorporated as part of CTG in June 1996 . Furthermore, CTG was granted as a state authorized investment institution, which has an extensive legal right to use the state capital.

Holding the mission of “ Construction Constructing of the Three Gorges Project and Development Developing of the Yangtze Resources River ”, CTG will take the Yangtze as centerline, take water as basic resources, and take electrical power as major product. It will gradually grow into a world-class modern conglomerate with major business operation in developing and operating gigantic hydropower resources . And by providing green environmental -friendly energy to the society , it will play leading role in concerting the comprehensive benefits of the Yangtze give priority to development and management of Yangtze River water resources and provide clean energy and aim to rank as a leading company in hydropower field and to play an important role in national economy .

After the completion of TGP, CTG will hold an annual capacity of 21,000 MW and annual output of 100 billion kW·h. At present, CTG began its work at four cascade hydropower plants, i.e., Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba, Baihetan, Wudongde, on Jinshajiang, a part of upstream of Yangtze River. The four power plants will be installed with a capacity of 38,000 MW, twice of that of Three Gorges project.

In Sept 2002, CTG, as the initiator, established its sub company, China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd. (CYPC), which was assigned to manages the two hydropower plants CTG has, i.e., Gezhouba and Three Gorges hydropower plants. It began to be listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) as Yangtze Power Stock A on 18 Nov 2003.

CTG also founded its non-banking financial company, Three Gorges Financial Company, and other eight companies, and then formed a multi-operation business pattern with tourism, project consultant and supervision, power technology, property management, etc as core activities.

CTG has the general manager responsible for company management, and at present, GM is Mr. Li Yongan. Also a technical commission takes charge of the research and review of key technical issues. Now CTG has two academicians of China Academy of Engineering, they are the former general manager Mr. Lu Youmei and the present chief engineer Mr. Zhang Chaoran.

Three Gorges project started its preparation in 1993 and began construction in 1994, and now has passed ten years smoothly. In that period, all the people involved in the project devoted to their task and made great success in the reservoir impoundment, navigation and power generating. A blue print finally comes into reality now, and the project begins generating benefits. Now the project enters a new stage that includes construction, power generating and reservoir operating. Also the owner of the project, CTG enters a new period of sustainable development.

CTG persists on the scientific viewpoint of development, which means to develop in an all-round, harmonious and sustainable manner and able to make continuously progress, will continue its great efforts in construction of Three Gorges project with a high quality and in an efficient way.

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