Since the TGP was launched a decade ago, a few world records in hydropower construction were created, and a series of technology breakthrough were achieved, thanks to the continuous practice in science & technology renovation. They are outlined as follows:

  River Close-off and Cofferdam in Deep Water

TGP river close-off was conducted on the main channel and the diversion channel, the difficulty is hardly seen in other water conservancy projects. The successful river close-offs on 11 November 1997 and 6 November 2002 mark that China's river close-off technology ranks among the top ones in the world.

  Concrete Placement on the TGP Dam

  High Slopes outside the Three Gorges Ship lock and Metal Structures

The double-way and five-step ship lock is characterized by the biggest water head, the most successive steps, the deepest excavation and the highest concreted side slope, and the highest and heaviest miter gate in the world.

  The Design, Manufacture and Installation of the Generator Units

The TGP generator units have the features of large quantity, big capacity, big water head change. Due to their extremely important role in the power grid system, CTG has to ensure stability and efficiency of the turbines under high water head, and meanwhile, to take into account the operation performance under low water head. The installed capacity of one TGP unit is 700 MW, biggest in the world. Since the rated water head of TGP units is relatively low, the generators are designed to have maximum capacity of 840 M.VA. Therefore, the overall indices of TGP units set new world records.

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