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Its Buildings with Biggest Indices
The TGP dam is a concrete gravity one, made of 14.86 million m 3 concrete, the biggest amount in the world. The maximum flood discharge capacity of the dam is 11,610 m 3 /s, biggest in the world.
 Power Plant
The TGHP is of dam toe power house. The installed capacity of a unit and annual power generation of the TGHP are the biggest respectively. The transmission lines of two 500 kV DC circuits and eleven 500 kV AC circuits are the biggest scale in the world.
 Three Gorges ship lock
The following indices are the biggest in the world: total water head of 113 m, inland river ship lock of five stages, a lock chamber's effective dimension of 280 m34 m5 m (length width minimum water depth on the sill), inland river ship lock with capacity to accommodate 10000-tonnage fleets, maximum operating water head 49.5 m for a gate of its water exchange system, maximum water fill/discharge amount of 260000 m 3 , maximum side slope excavation of 170 m, in height and etc. The operating water head exceeds the world record.
 Ship lift
Single-way and one-step vertical ship lift with counterweight is employed in TGP complex, consisting of upstream and downstream approach channels, upper and lower lock heads and ship chamber section with a total length of about 6000 m. The ship lock will allow a maximum 3000-tonnage ship passing through. The ship chamber has outline dimensions of 132 m (L) 23.4 m (W) 10 m (H) and effective water area in it is 120 m (L) 18 m (W) 3.5 m (D). The maximum lifting height is 113 m and total lifting weight about 12800 tons.
Compared with the ship lifts home and abroad that are built or under construction, TGP's ship loft ranks the first in the world in terms of the main technical parameters. Due to the large scale of construction, complicated operating conditions and high requirements in safety and reliability, TGP's ship lift also ranks the first among the world's ones built or under construction in terms of design, manufacture and difficult extent in construction.
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